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How to determine size

Purchase of bra is very intimate and exciting process.

But what to do if you don’t know what size is suitable for you? Your sister claims that you have cup “B”, your boyfriend is sure that you have 3-d size and you agree with him because your bust looks neither big nor small. But there’s no need to rely on opinions of your friends. Determining of size of bra is easy process which takes just several minutes.

Dress your favorite bra which suits you perfectly. Take the measuring tape and stand in front of mirror. Measure the size under your bust. Measuring tape should be on elastic of your bra. The size in centimeters (for example, 85 cm) is the number on the label (85).

Now determine the size of your bra. Your measuring tape should pass the most protruding points and be parallel to the floor. The difference between second and first number shows the size of cup. On the label it’s determined with Latin letter (A, B, C, D).

If the difference is 10-13cm – your cup is A
14-15 cm – В
16-17 cm – С
18-19 cm – D
20-21 cm – Е
22-23 cm – F
23-26 cm – G
26-28 cm – H

To make your bust look beautiful, feel comfortable and be healthy always buy the busts of proper size. And if you want to reach some visual effect just experiment with different form of cups.

There are more than 10 forms of cups in collections of “BRETELLE”. You always can choose proper lingerie.